6 Exceptional Ways To Build Email List With Your Blog Posts
6 Exceptional Ways To Build Email List With Your Blog Posts

A million and one times, you’ve heard it before, “the money is in the list!”

Did you still trust that phrase or skeptical to even take steps to build your list? Well, it doesn’t matter what thoughts you’ve in your head, truth be told. The money is truly on the list.

There are several marketing hypes out there, from so-called experts. When someone tells you to build an email list, he or she has given you the best internet marketing advice. It’s no hype, my dear. It’s the truth. Off course, you need to approach email marketing with creativity – or failure would take over.

Let’s see the six exceptional ways to build a mailing list quickly, with blog posts. There are goldmines between the lines – read gently.

1.    Put Optin Form On Blog Header

You don’t have to wait for your blog to become popular and attract thousands of readers before collecting leads. The best time and day to start is now. Put the opt-in form on your blog header.

When people visit your blog, the first area that grabs their attention is the header. Probably, they want to know the domain name, or what the blog is about.

The header is where the logo and your unique selling proposition live, in most cases. There are several email marketing solutions out there (autoresponders). When starting out, please stay away from free autoresponders.

You don’t need them to build a profitable blog. Email marketing is wider than what you know and attacking it half-baked with not yield the desired results. Adding the option form on the header must be done before you write a single post.

2.    Earn Trust With Helpful Posts

Did you know that when you write a helpful and valuable post, you earn point(s) from readers? Yes, that’s right.

It means that when you write, picture the needs and problems of your readers and address at least one of them.

Trust is the key to staying alive online. If no one esteems you highly, they won’t be convinced to give their personal information away (name and email address). A lot of people struggle to build their mailing list, because, no trust has been established.

It begins with your post. Make it sticky. Research the topic before putting pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard. Don’t write from your head – there are news and hot trends popping out from the nooks and crannies of the web. Use them to craft helpful posts, and readers would gladly subscribe, buy your product (s) and become fans.

3.    Get Clicks, Get Subscribers

The more clicks you get on your posts, the more subscribers you’re likely to generate. And you can’t trick anyone to click your post and read; instead, you give them a reason to do so.

Write a catchy headline. According to Brian Clark, the headline is the most powerful and important part of your article. Don’t take it for granted. The headline must convey a strong benefit or arouse curiosity. I found out earlier in my blogging career that titles with figures perform better. I mean, you should be specific in your title (see the headline above, it says “6”).

If you’re creative enough, you can channel readers to your landing page (a squeeze page) and turn them into subscribers. If the headline is strong and caused them to click, there is nothing holding them back from learning more.

4.    Have Simple Pop-Up Optin

Do you hate popups? Well, when I visit a blog and see the pop-up blocking me from accessing the posts, I would simply subscribe, just to get to the blog. See, people don’t hate popups especially the ones that have valuable baits in them. I mean, you need a strong headline and a good list-bait (e-books, software, theme, templates, PLR products, membership access and so on) to exchange with visitors.

Your subscribers will definitely increase when you start using this strategy. Now tell me – if people hate pop-ups so much, why did readers subscribe to them? Do you know that most pro bloggers are using this strategy to triple their list? I know an affiliate marketer who increased his list by 450% with this strategy.

However, when someone subscribes to your list via the popup option, make sure you’ve prepared your blog with helpful and jaw-dropping content. They would stick around to read more. Congratulations, you’ve captured their hearts – take it up from there with follow-ups to build a strong relationship.

5.    Add Optin Form Below The Post

This is the mistake most bloggers make. You’ve repeated readers and receive organic traffic from Google on daily basis. How are you converting these responsive visitors?

They clicked through to your blog because you had a catchy headline. They went ahead to read the post-intro (lede). You were creative enough to use bullet points and now, reading is fun.

They were gulping your contents and nodding and even went to the extreme to leave comments. At the end of the day, they left, traveled to another blog and subscribed. What did you gain – nothing?

Tweak your single_post.php and add an option form right below the post. If you visit any authority blog out there, they have an active subscription box on every post. Or you can use a free WordPress plugin called end content, to add HTML forms beneath your posts.

6.    Distribute Short Reports, Free!

An easier way to build an email list on autopilot is to distribute short reports, freely. A short must be concise, 7 – 15 pages of in-depth and well-written posts compiled together to help readers and target audience achieve a feat.

You’ll be giving away this short report without asking for email addresses or social media shares. The objective is to get as many people to download it, and share it on their social media profile.

You would likely get 100s of downloads on a daily basis because people like convenience. If you’re just starting out as a blogger, a lot of people might be skeptical to give you their email address. They would think you’re a spammer who wouldn’t respect their privacy.

Compile your best posts, probably the popular ones and create a short report. Embed your squeeze page URL within the contents. Ask recipients to share with others or even sell it at a set price. Embed your blog and landing page URLs at visible spots, relax and watch your list triple on weekly basis.

Can You Do It?

If you’ve enjoyed the post, do me a little favor – take action right now and start building your email list. Email marketing is necessary and it’s more worthwhile than thousands of comments, Facebook likes and tweets. Until you have the readers on your email database, they’re still strangers. And it’s extremely difficult to make money from strangers, remember that!

Get your priorities right and focus on what counts. Build your email list today – grow your business and make money blogging. See you at the top!

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